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Our smart sensor modules

Globehopper product suite

The Globehopper product suite comprises our own family of smart sensors developed to fit a broad range of monitoring needs. Sharing the same DNA, all have an ultra-low power consumption, energy harvesting onboard, integrated sensors and power buffer and are NFC enabled for local device linkup in the field.

The Globehopper Suite: two devices (Micro and Intermodal) and a Mobile Phone

Monitoring devices

Built for a broad range of monitoring needs

Nexiot's engineers push the boundaries of technology in terms of low power consumption and self sustainability. We do this to provide our customers with new levels of visibility to make realtime decisions and provide peace of mind.

The Crossmodal device. It's the biggest device.


Our ATEX certified module

The only full ATEX Class 1 device with energy harvesting and ultra-low power consumption available on the market. This smart sensor was born from a customer demand to take the module everywhere with the peace of mind that its intrinsically safe and ready for hazardous environments. Offering all the features of our Intermodal device with additional special features for the unique challenges of the Crossmodal path.

The Intermodal device. Medium size.


Our flagship module for monitoring large mobile industrial assets

Robust construction with IP67 for rail freight wagons, intermodal containers and other large industrial mobile assets. Totally self sufficient with our largest power buffer and integrated low light PV cell for maximum usability and peace of mind. Integrated NFC for document access plus rapid IT pairing with magnets and adhesive for instant installation.

The Mico device.


Our module for surveillance

Being security centric, its small enough to avoid unwanted detection but self-sustains to provide geo-location with adaptive update intervals for seamless global tracking. Safeguard and monitor mobile assets of all shapes and sizes from equipment to machines, boxes or literally any valuable carton, crate, drum, palette or case. Used in places like construction sites, facilities, depot’s, bases and logistics hubs. Monitor single journeys or use with custom geofences to trigger alerts, status reports and tracking for monitoring, security or inventory management. Supports NFC.

The Power device.


Our module for machines with intermittent power with 12/24V

Harvests energy from native DC power sources on vehicles and machines or assets that have intermittent power available. Our internal power buffer offers connectivity over extended periods when native power is no longer there. The premium option for connecting intermodal reefers, generators and vehicle trailers or any object with occasional power. Includes NFC for storage and access to important transport documents and as well as easy pairing using a smartphone.

Robust Smart Sensing

Extract valuable data from your asset - wherever they may be