Industrial and Enterprise IoT & M2M

We interconnect industrial objects, using maintenance free modules for monitoring and security

Nexiot is a spin-off company from ETH Zürich, one of the worlds top technical universities. Our company is built on over 10 years of research in complex systems, big data algorithms and ultra low-power embedded technology. Our power independent communication solution has operations and sensors fully integrated. This means remote connectivity is coupled with powerful business logic and interfaces to enterprise software to facilitate mission critical information management.
When we spoke to customers about their strategy for Industrial IoT we discovered several barriers that needed to be removed. Worries over battery lifetime, usability, on-boarding and integration came up again and again. On top of these were concerns about costs, standards and what to do with the data. We realised that a better approach was needed in order for Industrial users to step on the journey to real-time asset visibility, business process automation and maximal ROI.
Central to the service is the Globehopper smart sensor which provides data on the location and behaviour of non-powered mobile assets, world-wide. Integrated energy harvesting and an ultra-low energy approach means long-term, hassle free, global connectivity for the lifetime of the asset. A powerful ‘event language’ informs our customers of a range of business critical events, so stakeholders can know the status of their asset for automated response or human intervention.


Clear the view for operational performance

The Globehopper Suite: two devices (Micro and Intermodal) and a Mobile Phone

Globehopper Suite

Our smart sensor family

Our zero maintenance smart sensors connect fleets of ‘non-powered’ industrial asset. Customers can connect their shipping containers, rail freight wagons or any valuable carton, crate, drum, palette or case. Integrated energy harvesting in combination with our ultra-low power approach, means hassle free, world wide connectivity is achieved. Modules offer bi-directional communication with an incredible 5 minute sending resolution, lasting for the full asset lifecycle so you can achieve your digitisation objectives.

Schema of Nexiot's Cloud Processing

Cloud Processing Engine

Our scalable and integrated solution

Our cloud infrastructure is tailor made to provide everything required to connect assets and drive superior business intelligence. This includes device management tools to connect our own smart sensors as well as other IP based, 3rd party devices. It's built to be fully integrated, scalable, highly secure and super redundant, with data centres around the world. This engine provides critical 'event' notifications which generate value for our customers in their day to day business.

The Connectivity Platform as seen on two PC Displays and a Mobile Phone

Connectivity Platform

Our front-end for maximum usability

Nexiot provides a powerful and easy to use front-end for customers to control and setup smart sensors remotely. From here you can get an overview of equipped assets and module performance. The Connectivity Platform also provides functions to setup geographical and sensor parameters worldwide. By using the map, 'setup fields' and document upload facilities customers can quickly start creating and monitoring critical events for business process automation and human intervention.


The industry sectors in focus

A Cargo Train-Waggon

Rail Freight

Improved time monitoring and predictive actions

Our rail freight customers want to improve efficiency and extract more value from the fleet. Conditions based maintenance is a top priority. Customers are therefore provided with accurate location and mileage along with a broad range of customisable, sensor driven events. Nexiot's Globehopper Crossmodal gathers asset data which is streamlined into usable information to support informed decision making. Smart sensors are optimised for rapid on-boarding. Digital transportation documents like maintenance schedules or customs papers are accessible through a smartphone app or web browser.

A Container Ship being loaded in a port

Container Shipping

Complex events, fleet usage and route design

Our container shipping customers want to transform their mobile assets into interactive objects and put them at the heart of their business processes. Live container tracking is coupled with complex event processing to optimise fleet usage and route design. Smart sensors provide container geo-location with adaptive update intervals for seamless global tracking. Bespoke notifications can be created to inform the relevant stakeholder, automate business processes and facilitate historical records. Events can comprise custom geofences, journey waypoints, transport mode changes, milage, demurrage and a whole lot more.

A heavy duty rack


Peace of mind for high risk and valuable assets

Our customers who deal with sensitive objects and cargo want a device thats stealthy and low-profile but guarantees the information they need to safeguard the assets in their care. The Globehopper Micro is small enough to avoid unwanted detection but self-sustains to provide geo-location with adaptive update intervals for seamless global tracking. Bespoke notifications can be created to inform the relevant stakeholder and automated alerts trigger immediate intervention from security partners. Historical records are made available for analysis, due diligence and insurance purposes. The system is fully customisable according to the specific use case for maximum flexibility and change readiness.


Open the door to any data, anywhere

IconZero maintenance

Peace of mind with energy harvesting, ‘over-the-air’ firmware updates and future-proof design to add new services easily at any time.

IconAsset documents, all digital

Easy to access and update digital COC, CSC, freight documents, maintenance reports, or any other custom asset data like pictures directly from the device itself or the internet.

IconNo battery management

The device is power independent due to our ultra low power approach, dynamic adaptive update rates, powerful battery buffer and integrated on-board energy harvesting.


Our Geo Information System and the ability to set up and program Complex Events leverages your business intelligence to the maximum.

IconUp to 5 minute sending interval

Get updates every 5 minutes for the best possible visibility on your assets. We provide world wide connectivity with +740 network partners.

IconSecure & easy to integrate

A special integration layer allows all devices to speak directly to the control systems you use already. We speak SAP, Oracle, Amazon EC2 etc. We use https to provide maximum network security.

IconFast to fix device and onboard

Fix the device on any asset with our integrated adhesive strips and magnets and simply pair it to the data centre with a standard smartphone. No special knowledge needed, to keep labour cost as low as possible.

IconCompetitive price

Optimized technology and service model enables Nexiot to price below what the competition is able to offer.

Step on the path to crossmodal visibilty

All the tools you need to optimize your fleet and reduce operational costs