We take ownership

Focused on results to solve for the client!


Six core values for work and life at Nexiot

We focus on results and the mission we share

We always have a clear objective in mind. With our lean approach we don’t get caught up in endless planning but decide quickly and focus on the optimal outcome and the value to the customer. Our goals are ambitious so we try to find the best ways to achieve them, which often means leaving our comfort zone. As Nexiot engineers we are builders, innovators and problem-solvers. We value efficiency and ingenuity as we know these traits will propel us to achieving our objectives.

We enjoy freedom and take ownership of our deliverables

We know that we can only succeed as a team if we are also strong as individuals. We take responsibility for our decisions and trust each other to contribute to our shared goals. We believe in creative freedom rather than micromanagement and in aligned autonomy rather than fixed practices. We don’t complain, we identify errors and weakness openly to initiate change. We encourage the strength of character to ask for help and don’t judge when others to improve our teams resilience.

We listen carefully and communicate clearly

We are convinced that listening is the key to effective communication. We listen to each other carefully, pay attention to details and ask for clarification if need be. We try our best to understand what our colleague is saying so we can give a well-thought-out, precise and helpful response. Our fast paced environment means our work is time sensitive so we structure our thoughts to communicate clearly. This attitude extends to written communication to ensure everyone gets all the information they need to realise excellence.

Our best ideas come out on top

Our work is based on empiricism and technical knowledge so we rely on and believe in data. Empowered by scientific methods we strive to remain agile and adapt to new discoveries. Our teams search for the most effective way to reach our goal without compromising quality or robustness. By focusing on solutions not problems, we are able to iterate faster, run leaner and accomplish our technical and business objectives. This works best when we keep challenging ourselves and each other to find the right path forward.

We strive to grow

We value open and honest feedback and continuously work on improving ourselves and the others around us. We know how to take criticism as an incentive for improvement for this is one of our greatest competitive advantages. We actively pursue ways to continue our education and broaden our horizon so we take our time to reflect on our achievements and weak points. Our team strives to create a healthy balance in work and recreation to create value for ourselves, our colleagues and our company.

We embrace change

We focus on understanding exactly what our customers need and on discovering how our smart sensor modules can facilitate these needs. The best way to help our customers’ is to maintain a close dialog and demonstrate our ideas in practice. Our engineers adapt our technology to extract the most value. We aim to keep an open mind and seek alternative strategies to overcome difficulties. We embrace new technologies and methods as they drive our product development and have the maximum positive impact on our customers’ business.

Creating value by embracing change

A strong value framework guides our decisions and choices